Personnel Services
    Job Description
    PAY:  $12.00 per hour
    HOURS:  3:30pm - 11pm
    • Insert components into machines 
    • Operate production machines and equipment: washing, welding, boring, mounting, pressing, drilling, installing and detecting
    • Operate machines and equipment by using control panel/switches, utilizing tools and gauges to produce components safely
    • Observe machine operations to verify that processing conforms to specifications
    • Visually inspect parts for damage and defects, such as porosity, roughness or cosmetic imperfections
    • Read and comprehend work process charts, graphs, blueprints, measuring instruments, and pokayokes.
    • Rotate throughout various production loops
    •  Replenish or stock parts as necessary
    •  Perform 5S duties including mopping, sweeping, wiping machines, taping floors, and cleaning walkways
    • Participate in kaizen activities including Quality Circles
    • Work daily overtime and Saturdays and/or Sundays when directed by immediate supervisor or, as necessary, to complete essential job duties.
    •  Perform other duties as assigned
     Job Requirements
    • Requires GED or diploma
    • Able to pass pre-employment physical
    • Must be able to work overtime
    • Must be flexible on what shifts you can work
    • Must be able to stand for 8/10 or 12 hour shifts
    • Must provide steel toe boots or shoes
    • Must be able to pass background check & pre-employment drug test
    • Must have the ability to assemble parts 600-750 times per shift
    • Must have the ability to pinch, reach, grasp, bend, lift, stretch, push, pull and squat
    • Must have the ability to lift up to 32 pounds
    • Must have excellent fine motor skills; finger, hand and dexterity
    • Must have ability to visually inspect parts and machines and read instructions, labels
    • Basic math skills 
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
    Contact Information
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