• Top 5 ways to improve your business Instagram

    Top 5 ways to improve your business Instagram

    Whether you’ve been in business for 50+ years or you are just starting out, you need an Instagram page to promote the amazing products and services you have to offer! Whether you see social media as a sales tool or culture cultivator -  your customers see it as a way of life. So here are 5 ways to improve your business Instagram!



    First step, change your settings to be a business page. You’re probably thinking, “Duh!” But you’d be surprised how many people forget that first step, or don’t realize it’s even there. HERE’S HOW:

    - Open your Instagram page and go to your profile

    - Click the 3 horizontal lines in the top right corner and scroll down to ‘Switch to Business Profile’

    - Connect to your business Facebook page***

    - Choose your category

    - Enter your email and VOILA! You’ve done it!

    If you’ve already adjusted your settings to a business page, make sure your company’s logo is your profile picture, clear and easy to identify. Along with that, make sure your bio is not only attractive but also memorable in explanation of what your business is all about and the contact information is up to date.



    There is a reason people actually make money off of running a successful Instagram page (AKA: an influencer), and guess what? It’s a lot of work and commitment. Set aside about 30 minutes of your day to scroll through your feed to like and comment on not only your friends’ posts but also people in your industry, such as competitors.

    Who says you can’t make friends while doing business? There’s nothing like sending an encouraging word to someone who is on this grind with you and building future partnerships along the way! By engaging with your followers, it also betters your algorithm for people to see your page more often, as well as, just getting your name out there. You never know who could come across your page!



    Make your Instagram feed aesthetically pleasing to the eye. This seems crazy, but it works! Instagram is a place where people come to SEE instead of READ. Sure, if your picture is incredibly unique then your followers will likely read the caption, but don’t stress about that part. When people come to visit your page they are going to follow you for three reasons…

    1. They are either your friend or family and you’ve expected their support

    2. They are a customer or potential customer and they want to stay in the loop on what’s going on in your business

    3. Your feed is inspiring, pretty (for lack of a better word), or just downright different. You’ve taken the time to set your business apart from others and it SHOWS!

    Whether you need to download an app to edit the color palette of your photos, resize your pictures, or hire a professional photographer to create content for your feed - be intentional with the look and feel your producing. That will draw others like you to your page.



    If you don’t like fake friends then you aren’t going to want fake followers. This is important because people automatically think that the more followers you have the more business you’ll generate…and that’s true except when your followers are #fakenews.  

    Instagram can see the fake accounts and is doing everything they can to eliminate them but sometimes that’s a lofty goal to complete. So to help lower the count, and not harm your profile in the long run - create genuine posts with unique captions.

    This platform is a great way to express your mission without constantly sending out newsletters, snail mail, or making the same Facebook posts. You can be funny or inspirational but the best advice we can give you is to be real and relatable! We know life isn’t all rainbows and sunshine so it’s ok, you don’t have to pretend! Just post what’s real and what matters to your business.


    5. POST DAILY!

    This may scare some of you because having enough content to post even twice a week may seem hard but it’s better to be in front of your audience then to have no audience at all.

    And you don’t always have to have the perfect post 24/7. Posts can include everything from keeping up with trends, resharing another post, video challenges, how-to’s, did you know’s, holiday posts, or a behind the scenes look at the everyday life of your company - post daily!

    By doing so, it’ll increase your page visits, likes, comments, followers and make your business look more relevant than ever! So don’t be intimidated, there is plenty of content to go around!


    We hope this was helpful and gives you peace of mind knowing that you have an extra tool in your toolbox for increasing your sales through social media!

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    - Kate Praslicka | Waxahachie Chamber Tribe

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