E-Newsletter Member Satisfaction Survey






    The E-Newsletter is questionably one of the MOST controversial benefits that our Chamber offers as many prefer it to be one way or the other...

    Whether that be a shorter, more "to the point" formatting, with a link to direct readers/subscribers to exactly where they need to go to find member information OR lengthier formatting, with each and every member promotion, event, job opening, news/press release, etc., submitted that week with a correlating web-link button for each graphic, in one-by-one formatting.

    Over the last three months, we've together pulled our E-newsletter analytics and revised our subscriber list as over 1k E-news subscribers (with a total of 2100 at the time) had NEVER opened an E-newsletter before, or they had opened ONE in a 12-month time period. 

    Our Marketing Manager, Kelsey Poynor, reformatted the E-Newsletter, built various web pages for new formatting (and by doing so has created a new benefit of receiving more advertising on our website), created new E-newsletter branding and content, cleaned up the inactive subscribers, and transformed it to an updated and more "to the point" formatting.

    For reference, the first E-newsletter released in this formatting was sent out on June 23.

    Before this transition, each and every member who made a submission would be listed on the E-newsletter itself leaving our Marketing Manager to ensure each member's submission was correct. E-newsletter submissions include a graphic with the correct information and in a high resolution and a link to a website/webpage that would direct readers to where they needed to go... OR she would have to create the graphic for the member who wanted to be featured that week (with graphic design not offered to any level of membership as a benefit).

    The previous formatting averaged around 2-3 days of work a week to create the final product. Similar to Waxahachie, our membership has grown immensely and at a FAST rate (almost 700 memberships strong), and with that comes more events, promotions, jobs, and news/press releases to include on all social platforms, the Chamber website, and in the E-newsletter. Therefore, contacting each member who did not provide a graphic and link or a correct graphic or link to create one on behalf of the member to ensure their information, branding, and the content itself was acceptable to send out took quite a bit of time.

    Now, our E-newsletter takes anywhere from TWO hours to half a day to create and features members on a Chamber webpage as well. Meaning, more than JUST E-newsletter subscribers can now see member promotions, job openings, events, and news, that were featured in the E-newsletter that week.

    Please fill out the survey by Monday, July 26 (8 AM), as we are trying to satisfy our members as quickly, and as efficiently as possible.


    Thank you for your membership, time, and input! We appreciate you greatly.