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    We are a 24 hour membership based infrared fitness studio and offer virtually instructed workouts inside of an infrared sauna! We welcome members of all fitness levels to experience the many benefits of our infrared sauna workouts which range from 15-30 minutes. Our goal is to provide you with more workout in less time!
    Sessions that we offer: HOT Yoga, HOT Pilates, HOT Cycle, HOT ISO, HOT Buns, HOT Barre None, HOT Bands, HOT Blast, HOT Warrior, and HOT Core. 8 Isometric sessions and 4 HIIT session led by virtual instructors inside the infrared sauna! Isometric sessions are scheduled every 45 minutes and run 24/7. HIIT sessions are every 15 minutes and run 24/7. We also have a free weight training area in our studio called the FX Zone! The recommended sauna temperature for maximum benefits of Infrared is 120-125 degrees. These sessions provide a maximum calorie burn, detoxification, and many more benefits from combining exercise with infrared heat therapy.


    What makes HOTWORX unique?
    What makes HOTWORX unique?
    Infrared benefits
    Infrared benefits
    HOT Yoga
    HOT Yoga
    HOT Warrior
    HOT Buns
    FX Zone
    Sweat out your stress and track your calories with the HOTWORX Burn Off App!
    FX Zone
    There are many benefits of infrared, including glowing healthy skin!


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    HOTWORX 24-Hour Infrared Fitness Studio is the first ever implementation of 3-dimensional training. We combine Heat (dimension 1), Infrared Energy (dimension 2) & Exercise (dimension 3) to help members flush toxins, tone up, and torch calories. Our studio offers 24-hour access to unlimited sessions ranging from HOT Yoga, to Hot Cycle, Hot Buns and more. Our exclusive workouts are led by a ...read more
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