Your Strategic Community Partner

The Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce is well-positioned to make a positive and lasting impact on Waxahachie, Ellis County and the DFW Metroplex.

The Three Pillars of our Strategic Plan are Communication, Member Development and Advocacy


Communicate what we do and why we do it.

Coordinate our communication efforts to illustrate why the Chamber is doing what it’s doing and why it is important to members and potential members. Communicating our purpose and strategic focus to businesses, community members, and elected officials fosters the engagement necessary to collectively better our community.


Focus on needs of Members & Potential Members

We identify needs and develop programs, services, and initiatives that are designed to support local businesses and promote economic growth and prosperity in the region. We will prioritize our available resources to support the needs of our current members as well as communicate those benefits to potential members.

Nurture and Develop New Leaders

Developing and creating an environment for new leaders to grow and contribute to the future of Waxahachie and Ellis County is critically important for tomorrow. The Chamber is dedicated to fostering and developing avenues for leadership development and effective participation in the future of our community.


Workforce Development

Collaborate with local businesses and education partners to identify the skills, knowledge and abilities needed to fill the current and future workforce needs of Waxahachie as well as develop or promote the educational opportunities required to fill these needs.

Promote Education

Through the Chamber’s leadership, staff and its members, we support the improvement and development of our education organizations. We will continue to foster strong relationships between educational institutions, businesses, and community leaders to strengthen our workforce, ensuring continued prosperity and a strong quality of life for the community of businesses and people.

Advocate for Pro-Business Legislation and Policy

The collective voice of members ensures the Chamber has influence and is able to advocate for beneficial initiatives and healthy policies for businesses as well as promote a superior quality of life for the community.

Advocate for Infrastructure and Development

We recognize that a thriving business environment requires a strong, and well-planned infrastructure that encourages healthy growth and development. The collective voice of members ensures the Chamber influences future development plans that will best serve the community.